An evening with Mr Ramachandran

Lata, Manzur, Aurelia (From left to right standing) . Angeline, Cecilia and Mr Rama (Seated)

The Writers Coffee Lounge was privileged to have Mr R Ramachandran, Executive Director of the National Book Council join us on 20 June 2008.

Mr Rama wrote to members on the day after the meeting,

Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks for the lovely dinner and the lively discussion yesterday night.. I am most inspired by what you all are doing – pursuing your passion with no hint of distraction and discouragement. The Book Council would be most happy to partner you and work towards the success of each one of you…

My colleagues Regina and Christina and I would be happy to do whatever it takes to make each of you a successful writer.

Looking forward to working with you. Have a nice weekend.


Mr Rama’s inputs helped us gain insight into the literary landscape in Singapore. Certainly it helped me know some areas to focus on and how we can take our group on to another level in our writing journey and writing community.

Captain Manzur quipped, “Now our group will be extra active for the next two months.” šŸ™‚

As aspiring writers who keep regular jobs and other responsiblities, the challenge to keep writing and pursuing our dreams is no easy feat. It’s great to have a group of like minded friends to journey with.