The week hasn’t ended yet but what a fabulous week it has turned out to be so far. Just one more day left to the Asian Storytelling Festival. This evening, Aurelia and I attended author Nuri Vittachi‘s talk on “How Asia will become the world’s hotspot for cultural creativity.” We were impressed not just by the talk but also by his warmth and personal interest he took in talking to his audience — us included.

When Mr Nuri Vitatachi was about to leave the Arts House with author Dilip Mukerjea, he turned around said to Au and myself. “Come join us for dinner. I’m paying. I insist!” Here’s proof…

Aurelia, Angel, Nuri Vittachi, and Dilip Mukerjea

Nuri gave us each an autographed copy of his book, “Twilight in the Land of Nowhen” and Dilip gave us each a copy of his autographed book, “Taleblazers.” WOW!

Nury Vittachi (born 2 October 1958 in Ceylon) is a Sri-Lankan author and journalist. One of his most well known works is the comedy-crime novel series The Feng Shui Detective, which has been translated into French, German, Portguese, Italian, Indonesian and other languages. He has had regular slots in more than a dozen publications, and several television channels. He is also noted for playing a key role in founding the Asia Literary Review, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, the Man Asia Literary Prize, and is advisor to a number of other literary festivals in Asia.