We can’t help but write.

We talked about writing over coffee… and before we knew it, we became good friends — writers, supporting each other at the different seasons in our writing journey.

We come from different countries but are based in Singapore. We started meeting sometime early 2006 about twice a month. The venue changes… at our homes, coffee shops, cafes. We are aspiring writers, writers wannabes, closet writers… In 2007, we celebrated together when two of us got our books published.

What we do when we meet…

  • share our writing journeys
  • critique each other’s work
  • resource each other

This site is still at its infancy stages. We hope to grow it as a useful resource for writers like ourselves.

If you can’t help but write, you’re welcome to visit us.




The Writers Coffee Lounge appreciates its links with The National Book Council of Council of Singapore.




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