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Cecilia does it again… another Straits Times Online Forum published in response to a Straits Times Article that appeared on Wed, 8 April 2009 entitled ‘Using death to sell marriage’

Taking the plunge: Fear may stem from cheating hearts rather than absence of Mr or Miss Right

I REFER to Wednesday’s article, ‘Using death to sell marriage’.

It was reported that the television advertisement ‘was spurred in part by a 2006 survey which showed that many respondents were waiting for a suitable partner to show up’. The advertisement aims to impart the message that beautiful relationships can develop, despite imperfections in spouses.

A few years ago, I attended a Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry@Home (Reach) discussion aimed at getting more Singaporeans to marry.

One participant revealed how her sister and many friends were put off marriage because of unfaithful boyfriends.

They also saw many instances of marriages breaking down due to adultery. Therefore, the more pertinent imperfection to address is cheating partners.

It would be instructive to see the results of a survey on fear of unfaithfulness as an impediment to marriage and how this could be addressed in advertisements.

Cecilia Nathen (Ms)


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