Asia Through My Eyes – What does Asia mean to you? A regional travel writing competition in conjunction with the Singapore Sun Festival.

Writers are called to write about “your insights into life in Asia in the 21st century – its culture, people, landscapes and atmosphereThis year, your entry will need to begin with “As far as the eye can see……” Closing date: 15 September 2008 ========================

Here comes the sun again! If you can’t go to Tuscany (Italy) or Napa Valley, California for the Sun Festival, don’t fret. You can enjoy it right here in Singapore, it’s only Asian home.

Mark your calendar for the Singapore Sun Festival 17-26 October 2008, “an annual multi-arts premium lifestyle festival celebrating The Art of Living Well through seven disciplines – music, visual arts, literature, film, wine, cuisine and wellness.”

Australia’s bestselling author Cameron Forbes; award-winning novelist and playwright Merlinda Bobis; and published travel writer and political foreign correspondent Andrew Forbes will do talks and workshops like:

  • A Sense of Place, A Sense of Identity. An essential element in both fiction and narrative non-fiction is the establishing of a sense of place and a sense of identity. Readers should be able to identify with, be sympathetic to, or react to the individuals who carry the stories. They should be able to picture people in their environments. Cameron Forbes will examine the weaving of people and place both in books and in magazine articles.
  • Two Voices: Writing the Bilingual Poem. There are two languages in your head. There are two cultures in your heart. How do you write both in a single poem? This workshop facilitates the inventive conversations of two voices in one text. Experimentation with sample techniques will be introduced by award-winning Filipino-Australian author, Merlinda Bobis.
  • Get Published in Southeast Asia, Europe, and America (Andrew Forbes). This talk focuses on the extent an aspiring writer can be independent from setting up a properly registered news and features agency, seeking clients or breaking into news, magazine and book markets. Andrew Forbes also shares insights into how to get manuscripts to the big publishing firms without using the services of a literary agent – and if need be, how to go about getting the latter.
  • …and more!

For more info: Event date: 17-26 October 2008 ========================

Warm your souls. Wake up your imaginations. -) Singapore International Storytelling Festival, 25 August-9 September 2008, The Arts Hourse. Watch a world-class performances by international storytellers. “Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms in the world, one with a significant role in lifelong learning. A good story not only entertains but imparts concepts, values, and skills important to us.” Event date: 25 August-9 September 2008 ========================

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